During an at home date, a couple connected by technology are
faced with relearning to connect without it when a massive power
failure hits their area.
Director: Eric Bair
Writers: Eric Bair
The idea for this film came from society’s
current self reliance on technology. You
see it everywhere you go, where people
are hanging out on their cell phones not
making eye contact, talking or making
any sort of emotional human connection.
This very technology that is designed to
connect us closer together is actually
pulling us further apart.  So in telling this
story of a couple connected by
technology, I chose to frame it as a
modern day silent film.  The film is in
black and white with some color and the
text messages sent between the two
characters are framed liked the title
cards of silent films of the past.
-Eric Bair
Bairfilm (Eric Bair). All rights reserved.
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11 min - Short  Romantic Dramedy  PG
Stars: Gregory Shelby and Holly Maag