This film took its first steps in 2009, when
Eric Phillips came to me with this idea for
a comedy about a nerd who purchases a
mail order bride and the awkwardness
between this hot girl and this socially
inept guy.  I told Eric if you want to make
it a comedy there has to be a twist that
amps up the hilarity. So I said the mail
order bride has to be male.  From there
Mr. Phillips and I created an outline and
started throwing around dialogue that
came to mind while fleshing out our two
main characters: the nerd and the male
order bride.  

In June of 2009, during my first trip to the
big island of Hawaii, I began to bring the
script to life.  I wanted to create a film
that didn’t rely on gross out comedy or
swearing. My goal was to create a
modern day Billy Wilder style comedy,
one that was a mixture of slapstick and
smart hilarious dialogue. As I wrote the
words to paper, the film quickly became
more to me than just some simple film to
make you laugh. It became a film about
prejudice, gay rights and accepting who
you are in a society that disconnects
itself with the growth of technology.

-Eric Bair
Bairfilm (Eric Bair). All rights reserved.
A reclusive nerd purchases a mail order bride to have a
companion, but through a translation error receives a package
containing a male.
$9.99 + S&H
15 min - Short  Comedy  PG-13
Director: Eric Bair
Writers: Eric Bair & Eric Phillips
Stars: Jeff Budner, Oliver Moon, Hollie Belgen, and Mike Hardash
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