This film came to life with an
assignment, an observation, and an
image in my head: a paint drop slipping
from an eye.
In the fall of 2002, my screenwriting
instructor asked us to write a six page
script incorporating a picture given to us
at the beginning or end of the story.
The picture was a family embracing in a
hospital waiting room or at least that's
how I interpreted it.
At the time I noticed that a majority of
film students make a "suicide" movie
sometime in their school career. So I
decided that it was my "time" to make a
suicide movie. The difference? Instead
of focusing on the suicide itself, I
decided to focus on the why. A thing
that most film students don't do. I even
went so far as to not even show the
actual suicide take place. Instead I
hinted at it in the script and let the
audience make the logical assumption.
And so "Living Dreams" was created
during a trip to Big Sur in 2002. A year
later filming ended in the same location.

-Eric Bair
Bairfilm (Eric Bair). All rights reserved.
Mary searches for forgiveness from her family after being partially
responsible for the death of her younger sister. As she attempts to reconnect
with her mother in particular, she uses dreams as her escape from the pain.
But the more and more Mary goes to her dream world, the harder she finds it
to stay in the real one.
14 min - Short  Fantasy Drama  PG-13
Director: Eric Bair
Writers: Eric Bair
Stars: Katie Montgomery, Rosemary Maciel, Sean McGee, Bernard Vash,
Aaron Moayed and Ashley Priete
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