An elderly widow must overcome her fear of falling and descend
the stairs to uncover what her late husband left buried on the
beach below.
Director: Eric Bair
Writers: Eric Bair
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Stars: Carol Hannan, James E. Clark and Joseph Tanner Paul
16 min - Short  Dramatic Thriller  PG
The idea for this film came when we
were at a family get together at the
beach house location we shot at and I
overheard an elderly family member
refuse to come down the stairs because
she was afraid to fall. That moment
made me look at the fear of falling from
a whole new perspective. Usually we
associate it with falling from great
heights, but here was someone afraid to
even fall to the floor just below her feet.
It got me thinking about how our body
slowly prepares us for the inevitability of
death. So I chose to frame this story as
a dramatic thriller about the human spirit
versus the frailty of the aging body.
-Eric Bair
Bairfilm (Eric Bair). All rights reserved.