The idea for this film manifested when I
read an article in a magazine about a
celebrity who was getting plastic surgery
in order to be perfect for her wedding
day. And that really struck me. That
someone would permanently change
their appearance for one day. It got me
thinking about how society's view of true
beauty affects the public's image of self
worth. So I chose to explore in this story
what it means to be truly beautiful in a
world of artificial beauty.
-Eric Bair
Bairfilm (Eric Bair). All rights reserved.
After years of never being asked out due to her negatively
perceived appearance, Calli Collins races the impending prom to
have plastic surgery in order to get the affections of the high
school jock of her dreams. Her best friend, Lucas Fitch, attempts
to muster up the courage to finally ask Calli out before she
possibly makes the biggest mistake of her life.
Director: Eric Bair
Writers: Eric Bair
Stars: Holly Maag, Gregory Shelby, Cole Garrison,  Meagan
Murphy, Lance Charnow and Madeline Russell
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18 min - Short  Drama  PG